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Kindergarten: Colours, Colours Everywhere! Who knew there were so many fun books about colour. From one colour stories to mixing colours, to rainbows, to ‘seeing red’ or ‘feeling blue’, Kindergarten is thoroughly enjoying learning about colour.

Grade 1
How much do you know about Fairy Tales? The grade one students actually know a lot. So we are going to enjoy learning more about the characteristics of this make believe genre and read lots of great fairy tales together. Then we’ll see what happens when authors add a twist or a modern take on a traditional fairy tale in books we call “Fractured Fairy Tales”.

Grade 3
So Many Good Books! We have begun to look at award winning books, specifically the Caldecott Medal or Honour. These are books that have received the Caldecott Medal or Caldecott Honour for outstanding illustrations. Students have enjoyed sharing these excellent books as a class, with partners, or independently. Watch for a medal on the books you choose--they just might be award winning books!

Grade 6
We are getting close to completing our Biography unit with our Bio-in-a-Box projects. Students should check with their teachers regarding due dates. The assignment and rubric have been given to the students and are available here if you need to review them.

Bio In A Box Assignment